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Four Elements Trainer [v1.0.6e] [Mity]

Four Elements Trainer Latest Version: 1.0.6e By Mity Game Free Download For (Windows) PC, Android (APK), MAC, Linux + Walkthrough (Game Guide) + mod.

About “Four Elements Trainer” Game

This game is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of (f**kable!) characters, quests, stories, fights, and mysteries to unlock.​

Game Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Blackmail, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female Domination, Humor, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Mobile Game, Parody, Puzzle, Romance, Tentacles, Trainer, Trap, Turn Based Combat, PC game



I’m going to forget a lot of the smaller changes and stuff I did like the changes I did to the volleyball game during book 2’s love route on Ember Island, but the biggest changes are as follows.

– You’ll be required to find food and drinks for a party. Hint, scenes which take place at the beach are where you’ll do most of your searching.

– There will be a scene with Zhuli and Varrick using a bottle

– Sex with katara, while everyone watches.

– Bumfun with Nagina or the spirit depending on whom you chose. If you ended up with the serpent no bumfun because the white serpent doesn’t buttocks.

– One of the elder council will show you how to use a stalagmite(optional of course)

-sex with Nami, Una, Lyka, , Anka and mysterious shadow girl(? also optional)

-added the option to come inside Lyka and Anka’s mouth during the scene where they enter Nami’s store.

-you’ll fight a sssserpent!

-meet Sokka

-measure and compare Rei/Ajala’s biceps

-Serial fucking everyone on Ember Island island during the party(As you might imagine I took some major shortcuts to make this possible so don’t let your fantasy go wild)

I think that should be all. Like I said, once you see Ikki jump(you’ll know it when you see it) you’ll have reached the end of the build.

Bottle locations. Just some pointers. 2 from the beifong sisters, 2 from opal, 1 from izumi(bj scene), 1 from hawky, 1 from fishtits(talk to asami and ky

a first), 1 from tylee(before handjob scene), 1 from katara on the beach, 1 from zhuli (during the new scene with her and varrick)

Where to stack them?! Somewhere dark!

– As I said this will continue the love route’s epilogue where you’re on Ember Island with the main girls and some from book 4.
In the last build a yacht arrived at Ember Island.
– In this build you can have sex(vag) with Kya and Asami.
– Zhu li and Varrick will ask you to relive the past with them(vag and buttfun)
– Katara will want you to help her win at cards resulting in butt fun in the night!
– The Bei Fong’s will blow/lick something hard… mysterious!
– Katara decides to help Ikki get candy by having some women participate in an old and (almost) forgotten tradition. It’s the Halloween part I talked about.
– This will result in a small vaginal scene with Ty Lee, a dick kissing scene with Suyin and Opal feeding you bananas without you (or her!) using hands. Pema will ask you to carefully aim when you unload on her so as not to ruin her costume.
– There are a few new idles for Kuvira during Halloween, but don’t be fooled into thinking there’s more to it than that. Oh and I’ve finally given Kuvira pubes for the beach scene. In the last build you couldn’t play that beach scene without her having to lose her pubes, but that’s not mandatory anymore. If you take her to the beach again you’ll be asked whether you want to see her with pubes or without. …And that should be about it.
– I feel like I could’ve done a lot more interesting stuff for the Halloween part, but if there’s something I hate it’s releasing a build like this after Halloween has already come and gone. I hope you’ll find this entertaining nonetheless. Thanks!

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Game Extra Information

Release Date:2023-09-01
Developer:Mity Patreon
Game Size:695 MB
Game Engine:Ren’Py
Game Status:Ongoing
Operating system:Windows, Android (APK), Linux, Mac



– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


Saves from all games (Ren’Py) are stored here: “C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\RenPy” + in the folder of the game itself)

Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough



Gallery Enabler [v1.0.2b]


– Extract the zip file inside FET folder.
– Check inside the folder named “game”, inside FET, if there is a file named “gallery.rpa”, if so it’s all set


1 – Left click on FET and Select “Show Package Contents”
2 – Go into : Contents -> Resources -> autorun -> Game
3 – Drop the file “Gallery.rpa” inside it.
4 – Close everything and open the game.


Link: MEGA

Android Link: MEGA


Console Commands:

Book 1:

  • katara_aff =
  • kpubwalk =
  • krespect =
  • money = {Money you want to add}
  • potions =
  • Waterbending =

Book 2:

  • total_girls =
  • used_girls =
  • fmoney = {Money you want to add}
  • food =
  • morality =
  • aslut =
  • apublic =
  • azula_aff =
  • mai_aff =
  • potions =
  • crab_potions =

Book 3:

  • .bk3_lifepotions =
  • store.bk3_manapotions =
  • toph_aff =
  • emoney = {Money you want to add}
  • obsidian = 100
  • bk3_wood = 100
  • bk3_steel = 100
  • bk3_player_life = 1000
  • bk3_accuracy = 100
  • bk3_evade = 100
  • renpy.call_in_new_context (“meangirls_reward”) [restart the event for the reward scene]

Affects your level and stats in the tunnel)

  • bk3_level = 20 (I don’t recommend going any higher because lvl 20 is the highest)
  • bk3_hp = 1000


  • crab1_hp = 10000
  • enemy_crab1_hp = 1
  • enemy_crab2_hp = 1
  • enemy_crab_hp = 1
  • crab1_move2 = True
  • crab1_move3 = True
  • crab1_move4 = True
  • crab1_acc = 100
  • crab1_att = 100 (For other crabs, replace crab1 with crab2, crab3, etc.)
  • crab1_def = 100
  • crab1_level = 99 (max lvl)

Book 4:

  • bk4_money =
  • korra_resist =
  • korra_moral =

ats_mc_money = [value] b4_youth_potions = [value]


Only on Book 2 Love Route if you choose to stay with Azula. This scene happens in the ending of Book 2.
Before choosing the ending, have sex with Azula and cum inside her.

If you can access the console you can just change the state of the variable.
> azula_preg = {True/False}

Only on Book 2 Love Route if you choose to escape with Mai. This scene happens in the ending of Book 2.
The night before you propose to her, fuck her and impregnate her.

If you can access the console you can just change the state of the variable.
> mai_preg = {True/False}

Joo Dee
Only on Book 3 Slave Route
After finishing her training, visit her, then have sex with her and cum inside her.

If you can access the console you can just change the state of the variable.
> joodee_insem = {True/False}

Only on Book 3 Love Route. This scene happens during the ending of Book 3.
During your date, while having sex she’ll keep mentioning it’s not a safe day. Cum inside her and she’ll be impregnated.
If you didn’t do it during the date, you can impregnate her again when you visit her and choose the ‘Fingering’ interaction.

If you can access the console you can just change the state of the variable.
> katara_cum_inside = {True/False}

Only on Book 3 Love Route. This scene happens during the ending of Book 3.
This one is more complicated than the rest so bear with me.

Your decision in this scene will dictate if Toph will get pregnant or not. And this choice will be permanent.

  1. In the scene where you stay with Toph for the night and you have a weird dream.
  2. After she wakes up she will ask if you ever want to have kids.
  3. If you say yes straight away she will be pregnant during the ending.

In case you change your mind, use the console to change the state of the variable.
> totf_preg = {True/False}

How to activate and open the console:

Either you modify your 00console.rpy with note, which you can find at FourElementsTrainer\renpy\common\, open it and search for “config.console = False” and change it into “config.console = True”

In-game, press “shift and o” to open the console.

Four Elements Trainer Game Download

⇒ Windows / Linux


Size: 695 MB


⇒ Android (APK)


Size: 710 MB




Size: 660 MB


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