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Vitamin Quest [v1.06z] [Butakoma 300g] [Finished]

Vitamin Quest Latest Version: 1.06z final By Butakoma 300g Game Free Download For Windows + Walkthrough (Game Guide) + Cheat Codes.

About “Vitamin Quest” Game

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Welcome to the world of Vitamin Quest, where the player assumes the role of Mikami, who happens to be one of the last few female elves alive. Conveniently, she is more than eager to spread her legs for anything with a p e n i s and fertile seed. Thanks to her warrior pride, she has taken the noble goal of repopulating her race upon herself; at least with half-breeds in this case.

The game starts off with Mikami heading to see her friend, and also the client. She has been hired on by the church to help them fight off the demons that have been plaguing the land recently. Mikami is a fully licensed and highly recognized warrior and is perfect for the job. Well, when she is not busy hopping on di c k s for the future of the elven race, that is. After some initial dialogue, you are given your first job and sent on your way after the first demon on the church’s hit list.

I suppose it is the least she can do, considering this is the same church that generously accepts all the orphan half-elf babies Mikami pops out of her oven, throughout the course of the game.

Game Genre: 2DCG, Censored, Combat, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Japanese Game, Monster, Parody, RPG, Tentacles

Game Extra Information

Release Date:14 August, 2016
Developer:Butakoma 300g
Game Size:135 MB
Version:1.06z final
Game Engine:RPGM
Game Status:Finished



→ Extract to the desired location.
→ Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Vitamin Quest Walkthrough


Not available.

Vitamin Quest Game Download

⇒ Windows


Size: 135 MB


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