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Being a DIK Vault Codes [v0.10.0] [Dr PinkCake]

Below are the VaultCodes for Being A Dik Game upto the latest Version: 0.10.0 Game by Dr PinkCake.

Being a DIK Vault Codes

  • Episode 1: 1386
  • Episode 2: 4413
  • Episode 3: 3985
  • Episode 4: 0421
  • Episode 5: 4226
  • Episode 6: 4463
  • Episode 7: 1159
  • Episode 8: 3211
  • Interlude: 2575
  • Episode 9: 423
  • Episode 10: 8313

Note: If this game comes with a new version or episode and I don’t update these codes, kindly remind me in the comment box so that I can update vault codes to their following episodes.


Why I need these Being A Dik Vault Codes?

In your game, for unlock special renders you will have to use these vault codes. In every episodes, you need these codes. For every single episode, I have provided codes so just play the game use your phone and unlock special renders/scenes.

How do I enter the codes in the Vault in Being A Dik and  Where’s the Vault?

In your game, Use your phone, the vault app is there.

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