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Daughter for Dessert Cheats (Cheat Codes)

This is the Daughter for Dessert Cheats (Cheat Codes) Guide In Which I’m providing you all cheats by which you can unlock all the honey scenes of this game and you can get all the benefits of the game. Also, you can unlock or skip many minigames that come in this game.

Daughter for Desser (DFD) is made by [Palmer/Love-Joint]. It is based on a Father-Daughter Love Relationship which turns into a physical one after knowing about she is more interested in him. In this game, you can make relationships with several beautiful girls but if you find difficulty to get all those scenes here are some cheat codes to unlock them.

If you want to play this game with the help of a game Walkthrough, here is the one: 

Read DFD Full Walkthrough


Chapter 4 – Daughter for Dessert

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

ch4heidise*x (Heidi)
ch4veronicase*x (Veronica)
ch4nose*x (Neither)

Chapter 7

Cheat: (Allows you to skip the driving minigame) ch7roadking

Chapter 11

Cheat: if you want to skip the memory minigame – ch11nomemory

Chapter 12 – Daughter for Dessert Cheat Codes

Cheat: (Allows you to access the Kathy and Heidi scene) ch12trio

Chapter 13

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

Ch13nothre*esome – The scene in ch 12 never happened.

You must be a Platinum tier ($20) patron to use these cheat codes. (Optional)

ch13skipminigame: (This allows you to skip the mini-game.)
ch13getkathytease: (Get Kathy’s scene no matter what.)
ch13se*xnow: (Get the Lily scene when you start the game.)

Chapter 14

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

ch14heidise*x: (You start at the Heidi scene.)
ch14amandase*x: (You start at the Amanda scene.)
ch14nose*x: (Disable any of the previous cheat codes.)

Chapter 15

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

ch15laniese*x: (You start at the Lanie scene.)
ch15lilyse*x: (You start at the Lily scene.)
Ch15nohacking: (You can skip the minigame.)
ch15nocheats: (Disable any of the previous cheat codes.)

Chapter 16

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

Ch16thre*esome – (get the scene)
Ch16heidise*x – (get scene with Heidi)
Ch16kathyse*x – (get scene with Kathy)
Ch16noarcade – (avoid the minigame)
Ch16resetcheats – (reset all cheats)

Chapter 17 – Daughter for Dessert Cheats

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

ch17beachse*x: (Scene at the beach with Amanda)
ch17lily: (Choose Lily as your love interest)
ch17kathy: (Choose Kathy as your love interest)
ch17heidi: (Choose Heidi as your love interest)
ch17resetcheats: (Reset all cheat codes)

Chapter 18

:: Use Cheat Without (*)::

ch18selectgirl: (when the game starts, a menu will appear allowing you to choose the girl’s scene you want.)

ch18loveinterest: (when the game starts, a menu will appear allowing you to choose your love interest.)

Chapter 19

Patreon: Ch19ending: Once you input the cheat, start a new game and you’ll be able to pick with girl and ending you want and enjoy 😉

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