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Hazumi and Pregnation Walkthrough and Game Guide

Hazumi and Pregnation Walkthrough and Game Guide are provided by its game developer.

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Hazumi and Pregnation Location Guide

Unlocking Every Location

I have seen a few people having trouble finding all the locations in this game and I was definitely one of those people. During the tutorial day you will unlock the Apartment, National Institute, Hotel and the Convenience Store. You can’t unlock the other locations on the first day so go have a sleep on your futon.


The Pharmacy will be unlocked in the first couple days when Hazumi has her period. Super simple. You can buy a number of cosmetic items as well as a couple of utility items like lotion and pregnancy tests, making this a location you will probably return to often.

Furniture Store

Another important location which is very easy to miss. You have to talk to the NPC shown below after the tutorial day. Here you can buy furniture for your apartment as well as a few utility items off to the right hand side of the store.


An alternative source of income to prostitution. You’ll need to have previously unlocked the Pharmacy to reach this location. Once you have, simply walk up and stick your bog nose into the conversation of these two NPCs.


Don’t let the name confuse you this is effectively a hospital. There is actually a couple of ways to unlock this location and it can’t be missed. Getting pregnant will eventually unlock it when Hazumi starts to experience morning sickness and doesn’t know she is pregnant or simple talk to this NPC. The NPC is also at the Pharmacy (seems to be very popular) so it also needs to be unlocked for this approach unsurprisingly. The items you can buy here are very potent but require you to be lactating (your breast milk is the currency as weird as that sounds).


This will probably the last location you will unlock during your playthrough. Also very easy to miss this location since you have to talk to this shady NPC in the top corner of the Furniture Store after you have given birth to your first child. This location also houses a lot of strong items which are also very pricey.

And that’s it, you now have access to every area in the game. If you want to add some mods to help fill out the game a little namelessdev is one of the few people making them. You can download their mods on Gumroad and Booth (a couple of them are paid mods).

Little guide to everything

An Overview of the most basic game mechanics, some tips for game choices and getting the achievements.


Hello there reader.
As this is the first guide to this game at this point in time and there is no sign of another one appearing soon I’ll try my best to cover most basics of the game.
Version e 1.4.3

This won’t be a guide like:
– Buy the game
– get caught by your parents
– see their disappointment
– 10/10 would do again

Instead I’ll try to explain the game mechanics and how to get the achievements.


First we have to cover the “resources” this game works with:
– AP (I think of “Action Points”)
– money

AP determine how much actions can be taken during one time-cycle (day? week?)
If you use to much AP during one day you will get a AP penalty for the next day.

What money is used for should be pretty obvious: To buy stuff you want or need.

Simple Walkthrough/Guide

  • Visit all the places you can and talk to everyone (don’t be f*cking lazy )
  • Open the dating app and find someone to f*ck ( until you get pr*e*gnant ) you don’t have to have s*ex to make money. but you make a lot and fast.
  • Visit different places and talk to everyone you will discover new places.
  • First buy things that will help you. (Desk, washer, shower, bed ) the rest you can buy them as you earn more.
  • Once you have fully decorated your room you will get the option to buy it at the end.


Various Game Options:

– Change Message Display Speed
– Skip Messages
– Hide Message Window
– Show Message History
– Make Shortcut Key
– Can Save & Load at Anytime
And more!
Now you no longer need to get irritated!

Toggle ON/OFF switches:

– View Cross-Sectional U*t*er*us
– Black Ni*pp*le*s / Or don’t show Black Ni*pp*le*s
– See Birth / Or don’t show Birth
– See Flabby B*elly / Or don’t show Flabby B*elly

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