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Milfy City Xmas Episode Walkthrough

This is the Milfy City Xmas 2018 Episode Walkthrough & Game Guide which is the side game version of Milfy City for Christmas Release. If you have to complete the game, follow this guide.

The goal of the story is to find four color keys to unlock doors that will wait for you your girls.

If you click on the sign of Victory Hand on the notice board, you can talk to the snowman who wants candies. Search for it and bring it to him. In this way, you can discover sixteen funny photos in the Secret Gallery.

Guide, Look It Carefully:

Milfy City Xmas Episode Walkthrough and Guide. The Xmas Episode is quite easy, there are 3 scenes at the beginning, one with each character. But be careful, don’t choose “(Skip this character)” if you don’t want to miss the scene.

After the scene with Sara, go to the red shop, then to the clothes shop (a scene with Linda), and finally to meet Caroline.

After the 3 scenes ( Sara, Linda & Caroline) there will be 4 locked doors (you need to find the key of each door) and also a secret gallery (go to your room, click on the white victory hand) which requires 16 candies to unlock all the 16 pictures. So this walkthrough is a guide with the locations of the 4 keys and the 16 candies:

Keys – Milfy City Xmas Episode Walkthrough

Each key will unlock one room/location:

  • Golden Key: Find it in the window (your room), with this key you will unlock the Main Bedroom (Living Room)
  • Red Key: Find it to the right of the garage (entrance > outside), with this key, you will unlock the Bathroom (Kitchen)
  • Green Key: Find it inside the garage, with this key you will unlock Sara’s room (corridor)
  • Pink Key: Find it in the backside, above the stairs (Entrance > outside > Back), with this key, you will unlock Caroline’s room (corridor)

Candies – Milfy City Xmas Episode Walkthrough

Each candy will unlock 1 picture of the secret gallery (white victory hand – your room), so here are the locations:

  • Your Room: Lamp (1st candy) and also below the merry Christmas picture, by the black shelve near the bed (2nd candy)
  • Corridor: Plant (3rd candy)
  • Living Room: TV Table (4th candy), Top of the Christmas tree (5th candy)
  • Kitchen: Under the Table (6th candy), under the first cup on the left (7th candy), under the pot (8th candy)
  • Outside – Garage: Upper left corner of the garage (9th candy). Between the branches of the right white tree (10th candy), to your right, between the white holes (11th candy)
  • Outside – Back: snowman hand (12th candy), top of the left fence (13th candy), foot of the right column (14th candy)
  • Garage – Inside: Under the closest table (15th candy), also inside the chaplet (16th candy)

I hope you have found this Milfy City Xmas Episode Walkthrough helpful. If you have any problem, comment on the problem.

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