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Milf’s Villa Walkthrough & Game Guide [Day 1 to Day 5]

This is Milf’s Villa Walkthrough & Full Game Guide starting from Day 1 to Day 5. It will help you to play easily this game and get all the benefits.

Tips – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

– To jump use the “C” key.
– Item Searching – To cancel just move your mouse to the bottom. (X Icon)
– Some objects are movable – just click “Enter” in front of one.
– Search all rooms and places.
– Use gallery room to view other routes sex scenes.

Day 1 Morning – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Maid – Milf’s Villa Guide

– Go to your room / Speak with her / Try to open her room / Go upstairs search dad’s pockets / Go back to maid’s room / Check wardrobe (look up) / Move table from the right corner to wardrobe
/ Speak with her / Show her credit card


– Speak with her a few times / Kitchen – Take glass / Sink – Fill glass with water / Go to her, above the pool is mud – use glass on it / Use this glass on her / Go to the bathroom / Go to your room – check window / Go upstairs – search handle – top left corner/ Go back and open window / Jump to the left / Check window / Go back to room / Check bathroom / Go to her bedroom/


Available after the maid / Speak with her / Under the pool – check tables – search for dad’s key / Go to dad’s office – Take camera / Go to your room (right side) take camera battery / Connect items / Use camera on sister


Check tool shed / Speak with gate guard / Go to the top-right green bush under your window bedroom – search key / Go to the tool shed – take rope / Use the rope on the fence / Take barrel near garage / Connect items / Use the new item on the fence/ Go to saleswoman / Speak with her / Check all fridges / Take table from the top and move it to the down-right corner / Take alcohol and drugs from the basement / Speak with her

Day 1 Evening – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Mom – Milf’s Villa Guide

Try to enter her bedroom / Go to dad’s office / Speak with him two times – Search parent’s bedroom key / Go to her


Try enter bathroom / Go check your window / Flashlight is in the tool shed under the desk (look down)/ Take also screwdriver from there / Go to home look at the glass table – take console remote / Use the screwdriver on remote / Connect batteries with flashlight / Use window / Jump to bathroom window / Go back to the room


Speak with her / Go take ice from the freezer / Go give her that / Go to the bathroom take towel / Connect items / Use it on her

Day 2 Morning – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Friend’s Mom – Milf’s Villa Guide

Speak with Kevin / Speak with chauffeur / Go check gate / Go inside tree house / Check window / Check bench near tree house / Use car key on the left middle car / Take crowbar / Use it on window in the tree house / Go to home / Enter inside / Back to Kevin / Blackmail her / Go back home to mom’s bedroom – take se*xy clothes top and bottom / Connect it / Go back to her


Speak with her / Swim with her


Speak with her/ Go to the bathroom take sunscreen/ Fill it with water – sink kitchen / Use mud again above the pool or go je*rk off to your room/ Go give her that /


Check her room / Go take the drill in the tool shed / Speak with gate guard / Go near the pool (top-left side table) / Take drill bit and connect it / Go to the top at home / Use drill on the floor (left corner) / Move table (top-right corner) to the hole / Speak with her / Go take a glass and fill it with water / Add to the water sleeping pills / Give her that


Available after Christine / She’s near shop / Speak with her / Go take the dil*do from Christine bed / Go back to her


Speak with her / Go to the ATM near shop / Go to dad / Talk twice / Give him alcohol / Go to the ATM – code 6969 / Go back to maid / Use money on her

Day 2 Evening – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Ellis – Milf’s Villa Guide

Check her bedroom / Touch her


Speak with her – Good & Evil


Check her bedroom

Day 3 Morning – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Mom & Dad – Milf’s Villa Guide

Speak with Dad near garage / Go speak with Mom in the living room / Go to parent’s bedroom check wardrobe / Go to the bathroom and check basket / Connect items / Go speak with Mom / Check in the tool shed – electric box / Go back to mom

Dad – Go to cabinet / Check metal cabinet / Check parent’s bedroom right side (Note with the code) / Open the metal cabinet and take everything / Go to the tool shed and fix the cable / Go to the cabinet and check PC.

Mom – You can spy on her in parent’s bedroom / Go to the swimming pool and speak with her twice /


Speak with chauffeur / Go speak with auntie / Go to the shed and take watering can and hoe / Do stuff in the garden (You can fill watering can in the shed) / Speak with auntie / Listen to the water dripping > This is the code to the metal cabinet (32) / Check all cabinets / Break the mirror and cut the curtain / Use switches /

Kevin’s Mom:

Speak with chauffeur / Speak with her /

Day 3 Evening – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Maid & Ellis – Milf’s Villa Guide

Go to the maid’s bedroom / Speak with her / Good path – Thre*esome with Vivania and Ellis / Bad path – Vivania ra*pe scene/

Day 4 Morning – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Dad & Adeline – Milf’s Villa Guide

Speak with Dad near garage / Go inside Adeline’s house / Take off clothes and take a shower / Go to the sixth room from the left / Go back take a shower and go downstairs to talk with Dad.


Talk with her in her bedroom / Go outside pull up all the weeds (Near entrance and pool.) / Go back to her

Mom/Maid: (After Adeline)

Speak with gate guard twice / Go outside / Dad is near shop / Talk with him and then go talk with Chauffeur. / Use trunk / Go talk with Mom.


Go talk with her.


Go to your bedroom / Go to Ellis’s bedroom and look for a syringe / Hide the syringe in Christine’s bedroom / Go back to your bedroom

Day 4 Evening – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Christine – Milf’s Villa Guide

Go talk to her in her bedroom.


Talk with her in the bathroom / Go downstairs to the bathroom and look at the sink / Go outside and talk with gate guard / Go to the tool shed and take shower gel / Connect two items / Go back to her and use the new item on her / Go to her bedroom/ Talk with her / Go downstairs and check fireplace / Go to the pool and take bucket / Use bucket on the sink in the kitchen/ Use bucket on the water in the fireplace / Take syringe and go back to Ellis.

Dad & Mom:

Talk with Dad / Use aftershave (Bathroom downstairs) / Go to parent’s bedroom / Use your window to go outside / Jump to your parent’s bedroom window and punch it / Go back to parent’s bedroom and hide under the bed.

Day 5 Morning – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Christine – Milf’s Villa Guide

Speak with her (She’s in her bedroom) / Go talk with Dad / Go back to her / Go outside using your window / Take phone / Go back to her


Go speak with him (He’s upstairs)


Speak with her (She’s in her bedroom) / Go to Dad’s Office / Check left Globe / Go back to Ellis and use top-left wardrobe / Go back to the Globe and use Picklock / Take the whiskey to Ellis / Near pool on the table is a bottle opener / Use two items / Go back to Ellis and give her opened whiskey


Go to the living room and speak with Mom / Go talk with Mom / Take all the dishes from the house / Go back to Mom / Go talk with Auntie / Speak with chauffeur / Speak with her /

Day 5 Evening – Milf’s Villa Walkthrough

Christine – Milf’s Villa Guide

Speak with her (She’s in her bedroom)


Speak with her (She’s in her bedroom)


Speak with chauffeur / Go to Parent’s Bedroom and use top-right bookshelf (Item – Bottom-left side) / Go back to chauffeur / Speak with Granpda / Take lockpick and open safe / Check family album / Go back to chauffeur / Go talk with Mom (She’s near pool) / Go to your room /


Go to dad near the pool again / Take the blanket from upstairs in the house / Go back to him / Go to Parent’s Bedroom

Gallery room is available after completing the game.

Happy Ending Guide!! 🙂

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