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Room for Rent Walkthrough MOD [v16 beta] [CeLaVie Group]

Download & Install Room for Rent Version: 16 beta Walkthrough MOD game developed by CeLaVie Group.

In-game Walkthrough mod for the game.

Download This Game:

MOD Info:

Mod Version:16 beta
Game Version:16 beta
Mod Developer:NightTrain
Game Developer:CeLaVie Group

Mod Features:

This mod provides an in-game walkthrough for CeLaVie Group’s Room For Rent.

Tired of endlessly clicking on rooms hoping for something to happen? Can’t find a missing event? Then this mod is for you!

It adds color coding to the menu choices, indicating good and bad choices,
simplifying finding all the events needed to complete each version of the game.

This mod automatically explores all the menu choices for you (up until the beginning of the next turn) and color-codes the menu choices based on how good the choice is:

  • Green = an important event will trigger,
  • Light Green = some stats will improve,
  • Yellow = some unseen content is available,
  • Orange = some stats will decrease,
  • Red = game over,
  • White = something will happen, but you’ve probably already seen it and it’s not important to the game progress, and
  • Grey = the room is empty.

It saves a lot of time when looking for missing events – just keep hitting “skip an hour” until you see something green. It doesn’t necessarily give you the most optimal play-through (in terms of finding all events in the least amount of time), but you’ll be directed to all the events, much more quickly than by trial-and-error.

When you hover over a menu choice you’ll see a list of the important game variables that will change up until the end of the turn if you select the choice (assuming you play the “best” options on future menu choices that turn).

You can turn the color-coding on or off by clicking on the CHEAT button in the lower left corner of the screen. I suggest keeping the color-coding off until you get stuck, or else the game becomes too easy and linear. If you hover over the CHEAT button, you’ll see a list of the specific events you’re missing for the current game level.

How to Install MOD

Download the file and unzip it by any Extracter and put the file into the “/game” folder.

Download MOD

Size: 1 MB


Disclaimer: This “Room for Rent Walkthrough MOD” is not made by us. We took these files from the internet and from various sources. So if any download link you find broken, immediately report it in the Comment Box so that we can find easily a solution to update it. With your help, this problem can easily be sought out. A Walkthrough MOD helps us to show the dialogue that adds points or leads to scenes. A Gallery MOD is one that appears in the main menu and gives us the opportunity to play Hot scenes again.

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