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S.H.E.L.T.E.R. – An Apocalyptic Tale Cheat Mod + Walkthrough MOD

Download & Install S.H.E.L.T.E.R. – An Apocalyptic Tale Version: 1.0 Walkthrough MOD + Cheat MOD + Android Mod APK game developed by Winterlook.

This mods adds new content to the romance route using the existing assets, a walkthrough, and a cheat menu, and comes with in ce st and non-in ce st versions.

MOD Info:

Mod Version:3.1
Game Version:1.0
Mod Developer:Mastangas
Game Developer:Winterlook Patreon

Mod Features:

– Every choice with permanent consequences will now say what it does (Marked in blue, red and green. Pink choices are new scenes from the mod)

– Added a cheat menu in your room with lots of useful stuff.

– Some of the corruption scenes are now available in the romance route with the new and adapted dialog to fit the route.

Arachnophobia Patch: It changes Lucy’s whole character, making her humanoid from the beginning. This removes all the content with her spider body, meaning you can only return her voice back and have one s e x scene (actually two, but only the dialog changes). This replaces Lucy’s whole route, so you need to apply the patch before you meet her for the first time or start a new game. You can use it without even having the mod, but if you want to use both make sure to install the mod before the patch and not after.

How to Install MOD

Download the file and unzip it by any Extractor and put the file into the “/game” folder and overwrite everything.

Download MOD


Size: 38 MB



Size: 130 MB

Link: MEGA

Arachnophobia Patch:

Size: 1 MB


Disclaimer: This “S.H.E.L.T.E.R. – An Apocalyptic Tale Walkthrough MOD + Cheat MOD” is not made by us. We took these files from the internet and from various sources. So if any download link you find broken, immediately report it in the Comment Box so that we can find easily a solution to update it. With your help, this problem can easily be sought out. A Walkthrough MOD helps us to show the dialogue that adds points or leads to scenes. A Gallery MOD is one that appears in the main menu and gives us the opportunity to play Hot scenes again. A Cheat MOD helps us to play games more effectively. It helps us to cheat by increasing/decreasing of money, stats, points, anger, love, etc. So if your loved game is not easy then you can try the game Cheat Mod to play that game by cheating.

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