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Milf’s Control Cheat Mod [v1.0c Final] Download [ICSTOR]

Download & Install Milf’s Control Version: 1.0c Final Cheat MOD game developed by ICSTOR.

Move with mouse, Strength mini-game, card-game, lock-pick, System option, Money

Download: Milf’s Control

MOD Info:

Milf's Control Cheat Mod Download

Mod Version: 1.0c Final
Game Version: 1.0c Final
Mod Developer: 3xd_tango
Game Developer: ICSTOR

Mod Features:

-Allows you to move with mouse
– Easy strength game, the bar wont move
– Easy card-game, pick all diamond (it has 99 score all sides)
– Easy lock-picks 100% success rate
System Option:
— Auto-Dash switch
— Instant Text switch
— Volume switches

How to Install MOD

1. you have to decompile Game.rgss3a (Use the RPG Maker Decrypter.exe).

2. Choose Game.rgss3a in decrypter then choose extract all.

3. In the extract folder of the decrypter Copy/Cut that extracted files (Data,Images,etc) in Extract folder paste and replace all  in Folder where Game.exe is located.

4. Delete File name Game.rgss3a.

5. Run the Game.exe and enjoy

Download MOD

Link: MEGA

Disclaimer: This “Milf’s Control Cheat Mod” is not made by us. We took these files from the internet and from various sources. So if any download link you find broken, immediately report it in the Comment Box so that we can find easily a solution to update it. With your help, this problem can easily be sought out. A Walkthrough MOD helps us to show the dialogue that adds points or leads to scenes. A Gallery MOD is one that appears in the main menu and gives us the opportunity to play Hot scenes again.

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