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Zombie’s Retreat MOD Download +SAVE+ [(Gallery + Cheat +Title) MOD] + Legacy CG + Individual CGs & Animations

Zombie’s Retreat MOD Download + Full SAVE + Gallery MOD + Cheat MOD + Title MOD + Legacy CG + Individual CGs & Animations.


Save 1

Full save for 0.16.2, I’ve done:

– all scenes.
– to check special events, just go to the wardrobe in your room.


– I didn’t collect all pictures (read this before you start ranting or just use other’s save)

– use save1 (save 2 is my backup save just in case, it’s now dated back to v0.16. YAY)

– compiled together with other files, so you can just copy-paste it over your game (no gimmick trick, easy use for idiots)

– I’ll try to update my save as soon as the public version is released, this is to ensure bug-free saves for everyone.

LINK: Download

Save 2

That is because he did not provide all the needed files. Here use this.

LINK: Download

Gallery MOD


I have updated the gallery mod. This updates the mod to work with the PC version 1.0.4. I decided to remove the restriction to have the main game finished before accessing the mod rooms. Now when you gain access to the in-game gallery room you will have access to the mod rooms. In order to get the in-game gallery, you need to kill all of the zombies in the Recreation Camp. When you do you will see a sparkle next to the TV. This will give you a video game console. Now when you examine the console now found in your bedroom it will take you to the gallery. The mod areas can be reached by examining the crystals.

However, some of the content will be unavailable until you have unlocked the scene or costumes naturally in-game. In addition, I have added the ability to view the photo you get from Jessie’s bag in the scene replay room. I have also added more clarification when selecting Ann’s scenes in the scene replay room.

Installing this mod also includes the title mod and the fix for the bug in Clara’s gallery. (Why this was still present in the new update is beyond me). If you run into any problems please let me know.


So it looks like the final version is going to have a gallery room. Just keep in mind that this mod is only meant to work for v0.16.2.

*Edit 2*

I have updated the gallery mod. I have added two new sections to the in-game gallery room. In order to access them you need to finish all of the main quests (finish the Passion quest). The first area is the Bust Room. This will let you view all the standing or busts for all the characters. This includes the legacy ones that were present in v0.16.2.

The second area is called the Scene Replay Room. This area will let you view all of the previous s*e*x scenes found in the game. But unlike the gallery found in-game this has the text that goes with the scene. So if you want the textless version of the scene uses the in-game gallery. If you want the dialog to go to the Scene Replay room.

Also, any scene or content that involves any of the costumes will be locked until you have unlocked that costume. Let me know if you have any problems.

*Edit 3*

Wanted to warn you that this mod will not work with the compressed version. If you do it will cause errors during the startup.

*Edit 4*

I have made an update to the gallery mod. Nothing major just some small quality of life changes to the bust room. I also made a small change to the in-game replay room. Now after viewing a scene you will stay in front of the person you interacted with. I also included the title mod in this update as well.

*Edit 5*

Just a small bug fix and the gallery mod has been updated to v3.

*Edit 6*

I recently made an option in the Zombie Retreat 2 mod to show a list of what bonuses you can get when you pair up with someone. Since I did it there I decided to do it here as well. It can be found on the first floor at home. Look for the sparkle near the door. It will not be visible until the second day aka after the tutorial. I also fixed some of the naming inconsistencies in the Scene Replay Room. This will update the mod to v5. Unless someone finds a bug or this game gets an update this should be the final update to the mod.

*Edit 7*

Bug fix

Link: MEGA

Cheat MOD

Q: Is this the full game?

A: Yes.

Q: But this is smaller, how is that possible?

A: Assets were recompressed to save disk space. In some cases quality has been reduced. The changes should not be perceptible.

Q: What is this based on?

A: This is based on version 1.0.4 in the f95zone post with the gallery mod applied as well as the legacy CGs in the gallery.

JOIPlay (119 MB) Link: Download

Windows(177 MB) Link: Download

Linux (182 MB) Link: Download

Title MOD

I have another mod this time it is for changing the title image. This will let you use some of the old title images. Just add and overwrite the files. You should see a new list option called legacy when you go to change the title image. Let me know if there are any problems.


If you use the compressed version, using this mod may cause issues.


If you are using v2 of the gallery mod then you don’t need to use this mod.

Link: Download

Legacy CG

Since everyone is asking about the legacy stuff here it is.

Link: MEGA


All the characters that have had their art changes (Caroline, Leslie, MC, Natasha, Rachel) each have zip. If you want to change the current art to the legacy version download the files labeled as legacy. After you have extracted the folders to the www/img section. If you want to change the art back then the new art is also provided. If you want to change everything then you only need to download either the modern or the legacy zip.

The new/current version art is on the left the legacy is on the right.


This is not the official legacy version.


I have updated all of the legacy links to the pics that are in the official legacy version. Natasha and the MC missing art is no longer an issue. Since the full legacy version has been shared by Nobile1701, I have removed the complete Legacy file as it is not needed anymore.

Individual CGs & Animations

Care Package & Infected Antidote Reward Patron Tiers (CGs & Animations)

This is a selection of scenes of both CGs & animations in their full quality.

Individual CGs&Animations:

Link: MEGA

Compiled zip (735MB):

Link: MEGA

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Link: MEGA

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