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Meltys Quest Unofficial Modded Download

Meltys Quest Unofficial Modded Download. Meltys’s Quest 1.2r.01 Release (Unofficial Version).


Q: Is this the full game?
A: Yes.

Q: But this is smaller, how is that possible?
A: Assets were recompressed to save disk space. In some cases, quality has been reduced. The changes should not be perceptible.

Q: Is this uncensored?
A: Yes.

Q: What is this based on?
A: This comes from Steam version 1.2r.



Windows Install: 482,097,468 bytes
Linux Install: 524,474,390 bytes
Game Assets: 207,217,855 bytes ~17% of the 1.2r release

  • Features:
    • Merge of v1.2k.01 and v1.2r
    • Linux:
      • Using precomputed file paths for faster loads
        • Note: this is still new and may not work everywhere
    • Record video
      • Captured in www/screenrec
      • Uses the VP9 codec
        • This does tend to make big files (1 MB/s)
        • You may want to re-encode with a variable frame rate (about 1/10th the size)
        • See the Bash Script for ffmpeg Encoding near the end of the changelog for an example of how to do this.
      • Start/stop recording with the F10 key
  • Fixes:
    • Fix spelling
    • Grammar and text fixes
    • Equip menu crash

Ending guide:

6 endings with some caveats:

[read without (*)]

Endings 1-4 are based off your Sl*ut Level

Ending 1: Pure Ending – S.Level of 0

Ending 2: Minimal S*lut – S.Level 1-29

Ending 3: Moderate S*lut – S.Level 30-68

Ending 4: Major S*lut – S.Level 69+

Ending 5 is a special case. Not only does it require a S.Level of 69+, but there is a side quest to rebuild the castle which needs to be completed as well. Beating the end boss unlocks an open-world capability and going to the castle gives 3 sub-endings to choose from. You also unlock post-game content which unlocks a potential 2 more sub-endings.

Ending 6: Bad End – Defeat Emeralda at the start of the game. Requires New Game + to accomplish.

And before you ask, the only benefit of keeping your S.Level low (outside of a Pure Princess run) is for the different endings. There is no harm in engaging in se*xu*al activities if you don’t care about ending. In fact, it’s encouraged.


JOIPlay (Size: 181 MB)

LINK: Download

Windows (Size: 243 MB)

LINK: Download

Linux (Size: 247 MB)

LINK: Download

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